CPK (Creatinine Phosphokinase)

Greeting again to every reader! The weather is getting hotter every day. Are you all prepared for the heat yet? For this article, we will talk about the CPK isoenzymes test (CPK) as it is a story continues from our previous article which talks about “Self-care method for the person who is taking Hypolipidemic agents”. So let’s […]

Biological Time End


Greeting again! This issue we will continue our story about circadian rhythm. Let’s see what we should behave during the evening and night time.

Rhabdomyolysis from taking Hypolipidemic agents


Greeting to every reader, today I have an interesting story (personally I think it’s very interesting) for the person who is taking Hypolipidaemic agents to share with you all. However, kindly note that the information contained in this article belongs to ‘Doctor Sant Chaiyodsilp’s blog which I have been follow and study on it for […]



And here we meet again! In this article, I have a little something about painkiller to tell all of you. It has become a part of our daily life that sometime we overlook the disadvantage of its. Now, let’s start with this article.

Great tip about “breakfast”


Hello readers! How are you doing? The weather is really hot, isn’t it? So we have to take a good care of our health to prevent any problems which may occur from such hot weather. Such problems can be ranked from heatstroke to flu so drink lots of water and drink frequently. When you have […]

When you do exercise ???


You have known from last issue how many types of exercise are. This issue would talk about what the result from exercise in different time of a day is.



Everyone knows Coffee. It is one of the most world wide popular drinks. Let’s see the reasons why it becomes the favorite drink of the most people.


Today, I will talk about HbA1C. I am not sure people who have Diabetes knows this or not.



I believe that everybody knows what exercise means but there are something you may have not known.