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CPK (Creatinine Phosphokinase)

Greeting again to every reader! The weather is getting hotter every day. Are you all prepared for the heat yet? For this article, we will talk about the CPK isoenzymes test (CPK) as it is a story continues from our previous article which talks about “Self-care method for the person who is taking Hypolipidemic agents”. So let’s waste no time and continue with the story!

CPK (Creatinine Phosphokinase) or muscles enzymes is a type of enzymes which can be found in our bloodstream when our body gone through the process of muscle disintegration. The normal range of CPK is between 15 – 220 U/L. In the event that the CPK range of our body is higher than the normal range, it means that our body is using the compound resulted from the process of muscle disintegration, in addition to the use of Phosphate compound. If we found that the CPK range is at least 5 times higher than the normal range, this may be considered as a sign of Multiple Sclerotic symptom and may be severely resulted as the Myolysis symptom (which can occur to every muscle in every part of our body, including heart muscle), at the end it may affect the kidney system which lead to the occurrence of kidney failure problem. Therefore, for anyone who has the symptom of muscle disintegration and not treated in time or been treated improperly, this may result as a loss of life.


It recommended for a patient with the symptom of Cataplexy/Myoasthenia and a patient with a heart disease, other than a person who is taking Hypolipidemic agents (in particular Statin group) to have a CPK test. With this regard, it is recommended for a person who is taking Hypolipidemic agents to have CPK test every 3 to 6 months. Sometime, if a patient feels the disturbances on their muscle, the doctor will also suggest the patient to have CPK test. When our body goes through an excessive process of muscle disintegration, the body system which eliminates excretion will have to work harder, especially our liver and kidney. Therefore, it is recommended for the said patient to check their liver and kidney (especially the kidney) frequently, especially for the patient with a symptom of muscle disintegration because there will be an involvement of protein elimination process (done by kidney) causing the kidney to work excessively which may be lead to the occurrence of kidney failure in due course. Mostly, we will detect the kidney problem first because it is usual to run a test on kidney, but it is a rare incident for most people to have a CPK test. Therefore, it is better to do a medical examination on a regular basis because it will give us a change to detect any problems which may occur beforehand.

And this is the story about CPK test for a patient with high-fat. I hope that this information can be beneficial to a patient with the symptom of Cataplexy/Myoasthenia and a patient with a heart disease more or less. Nevertheless, it is always better for us to keep ourselves healthy and away from any diseases. Although if any problems occur, it is still very important and something that we should take into account to take care of ourselves in a physical and natural way such as exercise and eat good food. For any readers who have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us at “Healthlab Medical Laboratory” located close to Modern Huahin PTT gas station (close to Petchkasem Road, between soi 45 and 45/1), and now we would have to say good bye for this article

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