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I believe that everybody knows what exercise means but there are something you may have not known.

There are two major types of exercise. The first is an anaerobic exercise that does not require oxygen to generate the energy, such as weight lifting or any hard exercise bursting energy rapidly. The muscle growing from this type of activities is white muscle which derives the contractile energy from stored substrates, called Glycogen, the secondary long-term energy kept primarily in liver and muscles.  In long term, this exercise helps boosting metabolism which leads to more calories burn effectively.

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The second is an aerobic exercise that requires oxygen to burn fat in energy-generating process. This exercise should be worked out gradually and continuously at least 25 minutes, for example, running, swimming, cycling, and aerobic dancing in order to burn the excess fat. Red muscle will grow from these activities because it can carry more oxygen to sustain the activity for longer period.

The well-known aerobic exercise is the cardio exercise that has the target heart rate (THR) for the activity. There are four levels of THR;

firstly 55%-65% called low intensity THR,
secondly 65%-75% called medium intensity THR,
thirdly 75%-85% called high intensity THR and
lastly 90%-95% called extra intensity THR.

The recommended cardio exercise for the beginner who should start from low intensity THR is jogging. However, the appropriate THR depends on age level of each person. Here is the formula to calculate the maximum heart rate;

The maximum heart rate = 220 – Age (years)

Now you know your maximum heart rate thus do not forget to set THR when you do an exercise. Next issue will be about the result of exercise in the different period of time and what the perfect time is to do.

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มหาชัย ทีแอลซี สาขา มหาชัย
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เฮลท์แลป สาขา หัวหิน
นุชรัตน์เฮลท์แลป สาขา หัวนา
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