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Rhabdomyolysis from taking Hypolipidemic agents

Greeting to every reader, today I have an interesting story (personally I think it’s very interesting) for the person who is taking Hypolipidaemic agents to share with you all. However, kindly note that the information contained in this article belongs to ‘Doctor Sant Chaiyodsilp’s blog which I have been follow and study on it for a long time. There is one article which he wrote as a response to a patient who is having problems with the symptom of Rhabdomyolysis from taking Hypolipidemic agents. In regard to that article, there was one part of it about the suggestion for patient who is taking Hypolipidemic agents which I would like to use as a reference for this article.

For any readers who are taking Hypolipidemic agents (despite what brand it is or how much you take), myself (Dr. Sant) would like to give you a suggestion on How-to prevent yourself from the risk of life or kidney failure from the symptom of Rhabdomyolysis as follows:

  1. Do not take the medicine without description. There is only four groups of people who have the necessity of taking Hypolipidemic agents which are 1) people who have the symptom of Cardiovascular diseasesg. symptom of paralysis, paresis, or chest pain; 2) people who suffer with the 2nd type of Diabetes; 3) people who have the levels of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) of higher than 190 mg/dl; and 4) people with the risk score of having severe Cardiovascular diseases within the next ten years of more than 7.5%. Such risk is calculated by using a new measure called ‘Pooled Cohort Equations’ (which I will provide you the information about this later on).
  2. Do not increase the dose for Hypolipidemic agents without description. As the incidence of Rhabdomyolysis has direct variation with the dose used, any increase of the dose must be done by doctors who usually take extreme care in evaluating the effects which may occur before any increase of dose.
  3. When taking Rhabdomyolysis, the patient must frequently drink water. As one of the worst concerned effect from the Myositis or Rhabdomyolysis is kidney failure which usually happen before other symptoms appear, the only way to protect this problem when you are taking the Hypolipidemic agents is to drink a lot of water as habitual. Do not refuse to drink water because you are too lazy to go to the toilet, such decision is very dangerous especially when you are taking Hypolipidemic agents. Therefore, you have to drink water for almost every hour that you stay awake.
  4. When you are taking the Hypolipidemic agents you have to keep monitoring for any muscles ache symptom and have to inform the doctor once such symptom happens. Do not keep waiting until next doctor appointment.
  5. Every time the doctor performs venepuncture on you while you are taking the Hypolipidemic agents, do not hesitate to ask the doctor about the enzyme level of your muscle whether it is high. In the event that the doctor does not perform venepuncture, if it is a private hospital you then have to request for it at least 3 times per month; if it is a government hospital you might need a little charming or entreat in requesting the doctor to do it for you excuse that you want to know it. In any event that the doctor might refuse to perform venepuncture on you, you then should claim that you are having problems of muscle ache and ask whether you will be facing with Rhabdomyolysis – using this scheme I can assure you that you will get your venepuncture.

This suggestion is for you to track the enzyme of your liver and muscle every 3 months while you are taking the Hypolipidemic agents. Although there is no proof that this will decrease the incidence of Rhabdomyolysis, but it is a good measure to take for the safety of you and also yours doctor. There was a case while I was a director in one hospital that I have to give approval to pay the patient money in order to compromise the case. In this case, the patient claims that the doctor gave him/her a Hypolipidemic agent but refuse to perform venepuncture for the monitoring of CPK on him/her causing the patient to suffer with Rhabdomyolysis.

The conclusion of this is that doing the venepuncture while you are taking any Hypolipidemic agents can do you no harm; actually it is very good for you. Don’t do like the saying “Kill buffalo, but regret on using salt” meaning that the decision of using Hypolipidemic agents is a big deal like killing buffalo, but if you kill it then regretting on using salt the meat from buffalo that you kill would then spoil, which I think it’s not worth it.

The above content is what I copied from a part of ‘Doctor Sant Chaiyodsilp’s blog (I take only the part which I think necessary) in order to keep the essence of content. I’m confident that this would be useful for every reader that takes the Hypolipidemic agents. Should you have any query, please contact us at “Healthlab Medical Laboratory”. I would have to say good bye now and see you again in the next article

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