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Today, I will talk about HbA1C. I am not sure people who have Diabetes knows this or not.

Generally, the person who has Diabetes must always check blood sugar by testing for Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS). This FBS has to be tested in the morning after the person has fasted for 8 hours. This test can prove that the person has been taking care of himself only for short term. Actually, there is another test that can check how well the person caring himself. It is HbA1C.

HbA1C is the average of blood sugar of the person in last few months, which shown how good the person who has Diabetes eats. When Hemoglobin, part of blood cell, combines with blood sugar, the interaction will form these 2 substances to Hemoglobin A1C or HbA1C. If blood sugar is high, HbA1C will be high as well. As blood cell has the average life cycle of 120 days, percentage of HbA1C will clearly reflect to the average of blood sugar in the last 4-12 weeks. This can help inform Diabetes patients how healthy of food they are consuming. For example, some patients stop eating sweet before blood testing for a week. FBS will decrease showing good sign. But when they test for HbA1C, it can tell that they just stop eating sweet and taking care of themselves only for the short period.

To Diabetes patients, the best way of caring yourself is controlling yourself to eat properly. You can have good health only you do not give up for your appetite or too lazy to take care.

Last but not least, to diagnose Diabetes, the doctor will refer only to FBS at 126 mg/ dl or higher. Now, ADA  has set HbA1C at 6.5% or less as Diabetes disease. People who have Diabetes should stabalize HbA1C below 7%.

Do not forget to take care of your health. It is better than you do not have a chance to take care.

Good health can be from yourself

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