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Fasting or abstaining from food for a blood test is an abstinence to check for diabetes and fat. abstaining from food and drink but can drink plain water In the case of diabetes and lipid testing, 6-8 hours and 8-12 hours should be abstained. Abstaining before the test will result in accurate results. and most accurate
It depends on many factors. If there is no underlying disease or relatives For example, if no one has cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, blood pressure, lipids, thalassemia, then check according to their age, for example, aged 35 years and over should be screened for diabetes and lipids primarily. For a long time, liver and kidney function should be checked at least twice a year.
  • If you want to be tested for diabetes or fat, you must abstain from food for 6-8 hours and 8-12 hours, respectively.
  • Drink water normally.
  • In the case of taking medications that affect the blood test The drug should be discontinued before the examination.
  • Do not wear clothing that is too tight.
It's a very common question. But if you look at the opposite angle If we do not check the health will not find anything unusual early If something goes wrong instead of being able to heal It turned out to be incurable and still cost more. which we will not hear this sentence if we keep checking our health Know the problem early It's better than letting it be too much and then treating it.
main checklist
  • STDs: AIDS, hepatitis B virus, syphilis
  • completeness of blood see anemia, thalassemia
  • Whole blood pigs ABO,Rh


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