How long to use cosmetics


Greeting to all readers. If you are one of those who use cosmetics, whether more or fewer pieces, this is one article that you might (and should) be interested. Have you ever know the shelf life of those cosmetics you own?

Some of you might answer yes. But I’m pretty sure that many of you still keep using those expired cosmetics, especially lipsticks and eyeshadows (which seems like we can never use it up, not to mention how many colors of those we have!) As long as those cosmetics don’t cause any problem to our face, we would think that it’s okay to keep using it. Nevertheless, you should be aware that it harms your skin and health. With that being said, let us see the shelf life of various cosmetics we might own.
Even though, cosmetics that passed the quality control would have the date of production and the expiry date stated on the products, those date are only consistent when you never open such products, e.g. 3-5 years of shelf life. The explanation is that when you open the products it will be exposed to air, which is one of the factor that shorten the shelf life. The average shelf life of cosmetics generally used are as follows:
• Mascara and Water Eyeliner: around 3-6 months
• Water-based foundation, primer, and BB Cream: around 1 year
• Oil-based foundation, primer, and BB Cream: around 18 months
• Cream or liquid blush and eyeshadow: around 12-18 months
• Powder or compressed blush and eyeshadow: around 2 years
• Cream eyeliner and lip liner: around 2 years
• Concealer: around 12-18 months
• Lip gloss: around 1 year
• Lipsticks: around 2 years
• Nail polish: around 1 year
• Perfume: around 18 months
• All compressed powder: around 2 years
• Treatment with preservative: around 1 year
• Treatment without preservative: 1-3 months
• Accessories, e.g. brushes, should be cleaned at least once in 2 weeks
Now that you know it, don’t forget to check your cosmetics when you got home. Throw away those already expired. And don’t feel bad about it! Using expired cosmetics is just like eating spoiled food or taking expired medicine. Not only it wouldn’t do you any good, but also harmful to your skin and health. Use of expired cosmetics will caused you skin allergy that further cause more expense! Therefore, it is definitely better to get rid of it and get a new one.

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