It is a common understanding for many people that infection cause cystitis, either from bacteria, fungus, or even virus. Urinary tract infection (UTI) can be divided into two parts, which are: Infection in the upper urinary tract such as kidney infection, in which the symptoms are often severe Infection in the lower urinary tract such […]

Liver Diseases From ALCOHOL

โรคตับ จากแอลกอฮอล์

The liver is the second most complicated organ from the brain. This is owing to its abundant functionalities, either in metabolism, digestion, control of sugar and cholesterol levels, recovering the body from an infection, or filtering toxic substances from the body, and so on. Nowadays, alcohol is one of the main factors contributing to chronic […]



Fatty liver disease is the condition where there is fat accumulated for more than 5-10% of the liver weight. Most fat comes in the form of Triglyceride that causes liver inflammation and liver fascia, which would further develop into cirrhosis of the liver. Once the symptom develops into cirrhosis of the liver, it cannot be […]

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Virus

Hepatitis B is another disease that is highly prevalent in Thailand. The number of patients is calculated as around 6 – 10 percentage of the total population. 90 percent of the first infected person is affected by what is called an “acute infection”. Most people with acute hepatitis is usually able to resolve the symptoms […]

Essential Trace Element & Heavy metal


Researcher, Dr. Henoy Schroeder, said that “Minerals are one of the important elements in human nutrition, even more than vitamins. Our body can make a great number of vitamins. On the contrary, our body can neither make more of the essential minerals nor remove excess minerals by itself.” Do you know there is a tool […]



A bladder stone is a crystal/stone precipitated from body excretion filtered through the kidney. These stones can be found in different types and sizes. The patient could get the stones in their kidney, ureter, pelvis, or even bladder. There are higher risks to get bladder stone for the following group of people Those whose favoritism […]


If we are to think of cancer that occurs in women, most people would think of “Cervical Cancer”Cervical cancer is an unwitting threat that also likes to lay low. It would not show any symptoms during its first stage, causing us to be improvident about this threat that may occur. It is also unlikely for […]



Stroke is a condition where the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or decreased due to clocked vain or broken blood vessels. With no immediate treatment, a stroke could cause lifetime handicapped or death. There are two types of stroke, which are 1) Ischemic Stroke and 2) Hemorrhagic Stroke. Statistics show that every 2 […]



The cause of osteoporosis was from decomposed bones that cause low bone mass and low bone density. The bone would get so thin up the fragile point that got broken easily. It is unfortunate for women as this disease occur more often in women than in men. There is a high mortality rate in women […]

What causes sexual dysfunction?


No men would want to experience sexual dysfunction. In this article, we will explore various factors that may cause such dysfunction. Also, do you know that sexual dysfunction can happen to women as well?