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Stroke is a condition where the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or decreased due to clocked vain or broken blood vessels. With no immediate treatment, a stroke could cause lifetime handicapped or death.

There are two types of stroke, which are 1) Ischemic Stroke and 2) Hemorrhagic Stroke. Statistics show that every 2 minutes someone in the world suffer from a stroke. The most alarming point of stroke is that the patient barely notice it, and the timespan of this disease is rather short as well. The reason for that is because our brain has no nociceptor, which is why it could not send us a warning. So when there is not enough blood to your brain causing anoxia, the symptom will build up without the patient or the people around them noticing the symptom. It may be too late once we notice it.

However, there are lead symptoms where we should keep in mind. In short, it is called ‘FAST’ which can be described as follows:

  • F (Face): starting with the weakening of face muscle, where the patient will not be able to control either side of their face. The usual symptom shown is face
  • A (Arms): weakening arms where the patient could not lift and hold both arms.
  • S (Speech): problem in spelling and pronouncing, a patient will usually not able to repeat a simple phrase.
  • T (Time): is a very important factor to save the patient. If you notice any of this sign, you need to ask for help immediately.

There might be other symptoms; such as a headache, losing balance, blurred eyesight, as well. You should be very careful as a clocked vain or broken blood vessels may affect the nerve system that controls the muscles. It is imperative that the patient sees the doctor immediately once these symptoms occur.

Patients with high blood pressures, diabetes and high cholesterol are at more risk of getting a stroke. Many people nowadays did not take good care of their health. For people who never get a health checkup, it is usually too late once they found out that they have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Therefore, it is the most important that we take good care of our health.


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