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A bladder stone is a crystal/stone precipitated from body excretion filtered through the kidney. These stones can be found in different types and sizes. The patient could get the stones in their kidney, ureter, pelvis, or even bladder.

There are higher risks to get bladder stone for the following group of people

  • Those whose favoritism of food is high in protein, sodium, and sugar;
  • Those who do not drink sufficient amount of water;
  • Those who are experiencing obesity or overweight;
  • Those who have urinary tract diseases, gouty arthritis

People with a family member having or had lithiasis also have a higher risk of getting bladder stone diseases.

The symptoms are varied from having no symptom at all to the stage of severe pain at the side of the body, aching to the back. Sometime the pain could be from the lower belly to the groinal area. If the stones move lower until it reaches the urethra, it will clog the urethra causing difficulties in urinating, an abnormal amount of urine, or a burning sensation or pain when urinating. Patients experiencing bladder stone may require urine with blood in brown or pink color. Such symptom usually occurs together with an infection, causing the patient to feel nauseous, vomiting, having a fever, feels shivering and may lead to other complications — for example, severe bloodstream infections, damage in the kidney that may evolve to renal failure.

A bladder stone can be prevented if you live a healthy lifestyle. You need to drink an efficient amount of water every day to dilute the intensity of the urine. The more intensity means higher risks for your body to get bladder stone. Also, try to avoid foods that contain calcium oxalic; such as tea, chocolate, asparagus, spinach, nuts, and grains. It is also recommended to get an annual health check-up, with urine examination, once you are 30 years old or older to prevent yourselves from the disease and stay healthy.


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