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Supplements or supplementary food

has its name put directly to its use. Its use is to supplement the nutrition for your body when it’s lack of nutrition or does not receive all five groups of food. However, it should be taken into consideration that it cannot be used as a substitute for food. Some people even take supplements instead of a proper meal. That is a misuse of supplements. If you already eat enough good food with all five groups of them, exercise adequately, and getting enough sleep, there is no need to pay for more supplements. For this, we are quite sure that finding all five groups of food to eat might actually cost less than those supplements you take each day.

Why are we talking about supplements? It’s because nowadays whenever we open social media, we will see advertisements about supplements everywhere. So much that you could get bored with it. It’s curious to see how many of those supplement users actually study about such supplements before they take it. Some bought it because the reviews said they were good, some because they were encouraged by others, some bought it out of considerateness. But it is important to understand that sometimes when you make a wrong decision, you cannot take it back.

Supplements are good. Their benefits and qualities are as stated on the label (only those who passed the manufacturing standard and legally certified, of course) as long as you use it correctly. If you misuse it; such as taking too many of it; use it as a substitute for food; did not study whether such supplements are appropriate for you (especially for those who have the congenital disease); it can be quite harmful to you. Many of the supplement users only take it because they feel like it. Some may want to take supplements to slow their aging, to lose their weight. If you take supplements without checking or making any follow-up whether it affects your body, it could affect your body. For example, many people like to use herbal medicines as they claim to help with diabetes and the fat level, the medicines may or may not help with diabetes and the fat level, but it definitely gives you the risk of having hepatitis and kidney disease. This is not something worse risking for.

The following are the remarks about supplements that you should take into consideration.

  • Fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, K and Beta-carotene: if you take too much of it, it can accumulate and eventually be toxication for your body. Liver and kidney are the organs that would be hit first. Therefore, those who have the relevant disease to these organs should be extra careful.
  • Supplements that may cause cancer if taken too much are vitamin C, calcium and iron.
  • Taking too much vitamin B6 may cause loss of feeling in hands and feet.
  • Zinc interferes with copper absorption.
  • Too much calcium may cause gallstones.
  • Too much fish oil may cause your body to stop bleeding slower.
  • Spirulina can give you the risk of gout.
  • Those who have the congenital disease should be extra careful in taking supplements and should consult with the doctor before taking any supplements.

Some supplements may compose of fructose, which is a kind of sugar that can be found in fruits and honey. It’s a type of sugar that the body absorbs slower than normal sugar, which is why the sugar level would rise slower with fructose. It can be consumed by people with diabetes. However, fructose must pass the process at the liver causing the liver to “work more.” Therefore, if you take this kind of supplements for too long, it may also cause you hepatitis.

In this regard, we would suggest that before taking any supplements you should conduct enough study. See what type of vitamin and nutrition you actually lack, so you know what to take. Also, conduct regular checkup of your health for the result of taking such supplements. Check whether you take it too much or too little to estimate its’ quality. Always be reminded to check all organs, especially liver and kidney because they have to work more with supplements.

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