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Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone

The aging and declination of our body is something we cannot get away from.

Greeting to all readers. You may doubt of what today topic would be as refers to the introduction. The answer to that is we will be talking about growth hormone today. Some of you may know of its renowned benefit of antiaging. But today we will be focusing on the question of HOW it works.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is the master hormone produced from the Pituitary Gland; known as “the fountain of youth” or “the hormone of youth”. Growth hormone is essential to the growth of our body, especially for children and teenager. Growth hormone controls the growth in overall, as well as osteogenesis, regeneration, immunity boosting, brain development, rejuvenation, and even sexual performance enhancement. Hcowever, at the age of 30 the hormone secretion will be lessen by 40% from the age of 20. Unfortunately for some, there might be no hormone secretion anymore. This would result as the imbalance and the weakening of our body due to lack of such hormone, causing us to get sick easier and start to age. Apart from the natural process, how we live our daily life also differentiates the hormone secretion. For example, if you exercise and get adequate sleep, it would result as the secretion of more hormones. In contrary, lack of sleep, non-exercising daily life, overworked, or substance abuse would lessen the hormone secretion. Which would affect your ability to work, makes you feel fatigue and static, and may further as osteoporosis, heart disease and stroke.  These symptoms are usually found in teenagers with lack of growth hormone also.

Medical scientists have found that growth hormone helps with the antiaging and cure of diseases. In doing so, growth hormone helps eliminate free radical, restore brain and body function, enhance the regeneration, and boost the immune system, where these would strengthen our body. This results as the expansion of the growth hormone production in many forms. For the injection of the growth hormone, it must be done by doctors only as there may be body malfunction if we receive too much hormone causing certain diseases, such as diabetes and colonic cancer. For growth hormone that comes in a tablet or an insufflation, it is considered as a supplemental and is different from those given by the doctors. Apart from these, there is also a safe and no high expenses way to increase the growth hormone level in your body. And that is to stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally produce and secrete growth hormone more. For example:

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, 5-6 days per week;
  • Rest adequately and try to sleep around the same time every day, where 10 pm to 2 am is the time that our body secrete growth hormone the best;
  • Avoid stress as it will lessen the level of growth hormone secretion and cause your body to age faster; and
  • Try to meditate because meditation will help adjust and restore the function of pituitary gland.

What an easy way it is! And apart from increasing your growth hormone secretion and helps with the anti-aging, these are also a great way to strengthen your physical and metal capability. Just like the idiom ‘Kill two birds with one stone’ or ‘One Stone, Two Birds’ isn’t it?

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