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Get infected from using a public toilet

Greeting to all readers! We sure hope that this article’s topic has caught your attention. It is certain that a lot of people use the service of a public toilet every day. This makes public toilet a perfect place for breeding and spreading germs. Unfortunately, most of the time, it is unavoidable to use a public toilet. So the question is can we really get infected from using a public toilet. If so, what can we do to protect ourselves from getting infected? 

The most common germs found in a public toilet can be divided into 2 main groups. The first group may cause you sexually transmitted diseases; such as gonococci, herpes, etc. The second group may cause you intestinal diseases; such as diarrhea, hepatitis A, etc. These germs can be everywhere in the toilet, either at the flush, washbasin, or even at the doorknob. However, you need to understand that not everybody that was exposed to the germs will get infected. In reality, the chance that we will get infected from using a public toilet is really rare or nearly impossible. The reason for that is because:

  • The amount of germs need to reach a certain number for us to get infected.
  • These germs get weaken and die easily when it’s out of our body, since they can only survive in certain environment. So most of time these germs won’t survive long enough to infect our body.
  • It’s hard for the germs to enter our body, since our skin is the greatest fortress of all, unless you have a fresh cut that got in contact with the germs. And if you wash your hands every time you finish using the bathroom-before putting anything in your mouth, it is nearly impossible for you to get infected. The reason for that is because

However, just for the good hygiene and to decrease any risk that we may have, we will tell you some tips and technique of how to use a public toiler safely.

  • Wash the toilet seat every time with wet sterilized tissue, or cover the toilet seat with tissues before you use it. And be careful, don’t let it touch the water because germs may come with the water in the toilet also.
  • Dont step on the toilet seat because it will increase the chance of the toilet water getting splash on \you.
  • Cleaning after you finish. However, we do not recommend using the water which already in the bucket next to you, but rather water from the washbasin. Just to avoid contact with any germs that maybe in the bucket. If there is a hose, try flushing some water out first. Just t avoid any germs that may stay around the hose at first,
  • Wash your hands every time after you finish, starting from your hands to your elbows. Rub the back of your hand with another hand. And try to do that with every part of your hands; nails, finger joint and skin between the fingers. Rinse it with soap and dry it with tissues or paper towel, In case of no soap, just try wash it many times.

And this is all we need to do, so that we can use public toilet safely and conveniently. No more worries about getting infected. It is also another way to decrease germs in a public toilet and increase your and other toilet users’ hygiene too.

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