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DHEAs is a hormone generated by the adrenal gland

Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate or DHEAs is a hormone generated by the adrenal gland. It is one of the most abundant hormones in human body. DHEAs is the initial substance in producing steroid hormones fostering the growth of human body; especially androgen in male and estrogen in female. Various research shows beneficial qualification of DHEAs, including its strong connection with the healthiness of people as the following.


The degradation of cells usually occur when we get older, either from free radical or external factor. Whatever the case is, such degradation would affect the cells performance, including DHEAs; resulting in lower biosynthesis of androgen, testosterone and estrogen. It may cause tissue degradation and vascular blockage as well. Nonetheless, research shows that long-lived people usually have higher DHEAs than others.

Immune system booster

DHEAs stimulates the division of white blood cell; T-cell, in bones merrow that produces interleukin-2.  This interleukin-2 control the immune system that protects your body from germs and other sickness, which would make your health stronger.

The connection between DHEAs and various diseases

Decreased DHEAs levels are associated with organs regression and have inverse variation toward higher age. Research found that the DHEAs level in healthy people can be as different as four times higher than those associated with the following diseases.

  1. Diseases associated with the formation of fat in the arteries, or heart disease in males
  2. Cancers; research found that people with lower DHEAs level have a higher risk of having cancers such as breast cancer in women in menopause or prostate cancer in older males
  3. Osteoporosis; especially in females, the association between DHEAs level and bone density are correspondingly variable. As a result, practitioners normally use DHEAs level to indicate the risk of osteoporosis
  4. Depression or mental health problems; research found a distinct connection between the decrease in secretion of DHEAs and mental problems
  5. Cognitive impairment and dementia; research found that lower DHEAs level associated with the occurrence of such morbidities such as Alzheimer or mental retardation

Additionally, DHEAs  plays an opposite role from Cortisol (stress hormone.) A higher level of Cortisol indicates stress, which affects cognition and perceiving process. It also reduces the body’s immunity. As a result, DHEAs is often used to reduce the effect of Cortisol.

We usually have the highest level of DHEAs when we are 20-29 years old. After that, the DHEAs level will decrease when we get older and hit the lowest level at around the age of 60. Therefore, DHEAs is often used as an indicator of aging and identifying cellular degradation as DHEAs level inverse with age.

With its beneficial qualification of anti-aging, decrease fat accumulation, boost the immune system and promotes the performance of nervous system and brain; DHEAs is now reproduced as a supplementary to answer the need of a healthier life.

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DHEAs is a hormone generated by the adrenal gland
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