Marriage Package

Marriage Package ชุดตรวจสุขภาพ ก่อนแต่งงาน

Pre-Marital Health Check-Up Package This comprehensive Pre-Nuptial Health Check-Up Package helps you prepare for the wedding and the little ones. The Package is divided into two parts. Firstly, tests for diseases or conditions that may affect children who are about to open their eyes to see the world, including: CBC – Complete blood count test […]

Metabolic Panel

Metabolic Panel ตรวจเพื่อดูระบบการเผาผลาญ

Metabolic System Check-Up Package Suitable for: Health-care enthusiasts Men and women over the ages of 40 People who want to check or have problems with their digestion and metabolism The Package consists of: FBS – Fasting blood sugar test used to measure the sugar level in the blood to assess the risk of diabetesKidney Function […]