Water Soluble Vitamins


In this article, We will continue our talk about vitamins and minerals by focusing on the Water Soluble Vitamins. Having 2 kinds of it; Vitamin B and Vitamin C; Water Soluble Vitamins give different benefits and can be found in different sources, which we will be talking about that in the following paragraph.



Hello to all readers! Healthlab continue to serve you with great healthy tips as always. In this article, we will be talking about minerals. There are 18 types of minerals which are essential to our body, both those already contained in our body and those contained in the food that we eat. We can divide […]

List of Services provided by HealthLab Laboratory


List of Services provided by HealthLab Laboratory Phlebotomy/venipuncture services and specimen handling Medical laboratory analysis Providing of report and result from the examination by medical technician Providing of Basic guidelines for self-care Providing of information concerning treatment for customers with health problem such as suggestions on doctors related to the treatment or specialists for such […]