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List of Services provided by HealthLab Laboratory

  1. Phlebotomy/venipuncture services and specimen handling
  2. Medical laboratory analysis
  3. Providing of report and result from the examination by medical technician
  4. Providing of Basic guidelines for self-care
  5. Providing of information concerning treatment for customers with health problem such as suggestions on doctors related to the treatment or specialists for such health problem

The aforementioned services are the basic services which our customer will receive. Many of you might wonder why our laboratory does not provide a one stop service like the hospital and why HealthLab has a laboratory. The reasons for that is at HealthLab Medical Laboratory we hold on to the principle that our customer shall receive the services full of satisfaction as follows:

  1. Fast and convenient services; no need to wait for a long time to be served
  2. Reasonable fee; though the fee may not be cheap on all items, but we can guarantee you that our fee is very reasonable for those who seek for a good fast friendly and convenient services
  3. There is no pain (or very little pain that you barely feel it) involved in our venipuncture process because our staffs are carefully selected and properly trained to give you the best services. As venipuncture service is usually the service that most people are afraid of, we would like to provide you the best venipuncture. So that when you cross out the concern in this part, health care will become an easy task for you
  4. We care in giving time and attention to our customer, including having the availability of information regarding treatment and health care for our customer that can be understood easily and that our customer can adapt such information to their daily self-care
  5. We have the completed information of hospitals and clinics in the area available to be provided for our customer as the best suggestion on their treatment with an appropriate hospitals and/or clinics, whether it is a normal clinic, a specialized clinic, including an obstetrician for prenatal care for mothers in the areas where our customer lives.

HealthLab Medical Laboratory is ready to provide you with the satisfactory services at the following branches:

1)      Mahachai TLC Lab Clinic, Mahachai branch (Samutsakorn province)
Located on Ekachai road, next to Telewiz building, situated 200 meters before Samutsakorn Hospital
Tel: 034 836 290, 087 507 9829
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mahachai.tlc
Email: mahachaitlc2008@gmail.com

2)      HealthLab Medical Laboratory, Huahin branch (Prachuab-Kiri-Khan province)
Located on Petch Kasem road, next to PTT gas station – Huahin Tan Samai, situated between Soi 45 and Soi 45/1, 500 meters from Klai Kangwon Palace
Tel: 032 515 920, 094 494 5649
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Healthlab
Email : info.healthlab@gmail.com

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