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Sea sand

In today’s article, we will talk about something relaxing, something that have been with the people of Hua Hin for a long time, something that everyone in Hua Hin is familiar with, so familiar that most of us often overlook it. So what do you think when we talk about “Hua Hin”?

“Sea, beaches, breeze and sunlight” is probably one of the answers which most people will say. However, today we will be talking about sand.

Sea is a popular vacation spot for most people because it provides such a relaxing atmosphere which definitely helps soothe the stress. Whenever you walk on the beach, feel the fresh sea breeze, relax by the sea, listening to the sounds of wave or swim in the sea, you will feel such an indescribable happiness. However, one of the benefits of the sea/beaches that most people do not know is actually come from sand. It is an excellent natural spa. Do you wonder why?

  1. It is an excellent ‘scrub’ from nature! Yes, we are talking about those tiny sands on the beach. Have you ever notice that our feet usually get softer after a walk on the beach? That is because sands help remove dead skin cells resulting as softer skin, better pores’ excretion and sometime helps decrease the odor of our feet.
  2. It is the best running track! As sand surface is not smooth because it always shifted whenever we run or step on it, causing us to exert more and helps burn energy than a normal running for almost 50% more. In addition, sand also reduces the impact from running which helps reducing joint pain.
  3. It is a natural sauna! Just put yourself into sand because sand is heavy and have the temperature at which it helps improve blood circulation and metabolism.

Now let’s continue with the benefits of sand for children.

  1. Sand enhances the learning development. It is a toy which can be altered to different gameplay. It encourages the learning of children by building sand into different shapes according to the child’s imagination or learning.
  2. Help develop senses. Due to the different size of sand, given different perception to the children causing the stimulation of the brain in controlling the hands.
  3. Support the creativity of the child. Next time try to ask your child questions of what they are doing, some of them will say building a house, bake a cake, or other different answers because the creativity part of the brain is in use.
  4. Help your child with the learning of shapes because sand can be built into different shape easily. Therefore, it is suitable to be used in the teaching of different shapes such as triangle, square, circle or even animal shapes using molds.

Now that we have seen various benefits of sand, the people in Hua Hin and other places which have sea are even more enviable. Beside from resting by the sea, swimming and sun bathing, they still have those benefits from sand. So next time when you go to the sea, try to spend more time with sand so that you can get softer skin, good body, happiness, the enhancement of creativity and happiness for both adults and children. And now we would like to say good bye and see you again next time!

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