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Pregnancy Test

So hot! Are you, readers, get the same feeling with me that the heat comes so fast after the winter has ended? Don’t forget to take care of yourself and beware of the heat fever. Also, drink a lot of water to keep your body away from dehydration. In this article, we would like to share with you about the pregnancy test because frequently we have a lot of patients coming in for the test. However, there are still further concerns in relation to the pregnancy test so we would like to clarify with you, the readers, in this matter.

Pregnancy testing is the measurement of the level of hormone which called human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hCG hormone was created from the placenta of a baby and can be found both in blood and urine of a pregnant woman after the eggs fertilized with the sperm and implanted on the decidual. It usually takes about 6 days after the fertilization for this hormone to be created. The pregnancy testing can be done in 2 ways which are as follows:

Urine testing – this test is the examination done on urine. The testing kit will give the most accurate result if it was used 1 week after the last day of the period. Although most of the pregnancy testing kit claims itself to have the precise percentage of 99 percent%, there is still a great deal of inaccuracy to occur as the chances that the embryo might not be implanted on the decidual after the first day that the period is missing is as high as 10 percent, which in this case would make the hCG level to not be high enough to be inspected. Nevertheless, to increase the accuracy of the test, it should be done after you are awake as the hCG level will be at its highest. If the result is positive, it means that you are pregnant. This is the most popular and convenience way as everybody can buy the testing kit and done it by themselves. However, we would suggest that you re-check with the expertise (e.g. medical technician or doctor) to affirm the result.

Blood testing – this test is the examination done on blood. It may also be the best option for anybody who does not want to wait (but the expense will be higher as the examination is more complicated) because the blood testing can be done even though the hCG level is low. The idea is base on the ovulation counting which is 6-8 days after the ovulation which is faster than the urine testing because the blood testing can be done 14-21 days after the ovulation (in the event of fertilization).

Now we will talk about the cause of false positive test result or false negative test result, which can occur from the following factors:

  • False positive test result meaning that the actual test result is negative, but the testing kit shows positive result instead. This may occur from certain types of medicine which help improve the chance of pregnancy e.g. medicines used in women with infertility because this kind of medicines contains hCG hormone. There are also cysts in the ovary, ectopic pregnancy or the menopause, which may cause the false positive test result.
  • False negative test result meaning that the actual test result is positive, but the testing kit shows negative result instead. This may occur from early examination, false reading conclusion (occur from the in-expertise, in case of self-testing), diluted urine, certain types of medicine, alcohol, including birth-control pill which may affect the testing result. Even the deviation of period can cause a false belief of pregnancy.

And that is all for this article, we hope that it is enough information for you. Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us at our clinic. Don’t forget to read our next article as we will be talking about pregnancy, ovulation counting and ovulation period which should be useful for anybody who desires to have kid(s) and also in the contrary. Thank you and good bye for this article


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