New service from Healthlab Clinic

Line @

If you are interested to discuss your health report or information before do the blood test. Just only add this Line to direct inquiries.

What are you getting from this new service?

  1. Private consulting about your health report although the result was checked from the other laboratory. And Getting the result is more comfortable and accurate.
  2. Update Health knowledge and new campaign from us.

Only click the link to the branch that near your place below this.

Mahachai TLC :
HealthLab Hua Hin :

QR code มหาชัย ทีแอลซี
QR code เฮลท์แลบ

If you cannot add the line or have any problem with this new service. Please, leave a comment below this post or call Mahachai TLC : 087-507-9829, HealthLab Hua Hin : 094-494-5649
Ps. Please, apologize if we late reply. Thank you ^___^

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