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For who love to drink

Drink enough?

Who you have good health or healthy guy may not be interested this topic. But! if you have the family, friends who are coming this way.
Please tell them ” Knowledge it’s better do not know what to do”

Almost everyone may be knows that alcohol has a direct effect on the liver. But someone is known about the importance of the liver and liver care.
If you are one of the drinkers What you should do is to check your liver and avoid other risk factors. To treat the liver, which is your only waste disposal facility.

Normally, the liver inflammation checks for the enzymes AST,ALT and ALP, but you should to know that these values ​​are probably normal in lingual drinkers. If you want to know specifically whether hepatitis is caused by alcohol? You can also check with your GGT enzyme (Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase).

GGT is usually found in other organs. If this value is found in the blood. Inevitably, the liver cells and lining of the bile duct certainly.

For a drinker, if you drink not too much but often or drinking heavily but not often, AST, ALT and ALP may not be higher than normal.
Make sure you check your health every time it is relieved.But know that your liver is destroyed gradually by then.Of course, if you just drank it much and your liver was destroyed, the GGT would be high. That is the first warning. Whenever you need to see high AST, ALT, ALP, and GGT levels, that’s the liver you’re coming to.

For drunker in the critical for a long time, almost every day. Do not have to say what your liver is.But for drinkers, the value of this may be able to return to normal, only you refrain from drinking. Avoid other risk factors that affect the liver, such as Supplements or herbs for a long time to restore the liver back to normal. But if that value is not the same. That means you have to maintain one final waste disposal plant inevitably so that is your liver.

Next time for health check,do not forget to add the GGT checklist too.

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