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Drinking water

is very significant to human being because it is part of your body more than 70%. Fat cells and muscle cells in human body are composed of water approximately 10%-15% and 70%-75% respectively. Naturally, female has more fat cells and less muscle cells than male, for this reason, female body is consist of water less than male’s. There are many functions of water for body. Here are some outstanding functions of this fluid;

  1. Water is composition of many types of cells i.e. blood cell.
  2. Water is solvent. Some vitamins have to be dissolves in water before our body can absorb those vitamins for utilization.
  3. Water is carrier. It transports nutrients for use and waste for disposal a.k.a. urine.
  4. Water is part of metabolism.
  5. Water is lubricant for joints.
  6. Water is body temperature regulator.

Now you know some of the most important roles of water. It is time to know the important tips of drinking water.

How much should you drink water per day? You have heard that 8 glasses of water are the best amount of drinking water. It is only the guideline. There is a formula to calculate the properly volume of water you should drink per day. Starting with your weight in kilogram, multiply by 2.2 and also multiply by 30 then divide that number in half. That gives you the number of milligrams. For example, if you weigh 60 kilograms, you should daily drink water at least 1,980 milligrams. If your glass has capacity of 200 milligrams, you should drink around 10 glasses per day.

How much should you drink water at a time? Drink a lot of water few times a day or drink a few of water often? If you think both answers are correct and think your body could absorb water from both ways equally, you are completely wrong. Your body absorption system is same as a tree’s. When you water the tree too much at a time, you would see water whelming the dirt because the absorption works slowly and continuously. When you drink water too much at a time, your body could absorb water as a nutrient at the needed amount and dispose the rest as urine. Therefore, you should often drink a few of water.

Should you drink room temperature, hot or cold water? The best choice is room temperature water because hot and cold water will decrease the efficiency of your body systems i.e. digestive system. Hot and cold water also affect your body temperature and internal organs such as stomach.

Could you drink other drinks instead of water? Mineral water, soft drink, coffee, or else? Yes, you can drink other drinks instead of water but benefits of those are not the same as drinking water. For example, drinking water could be a part of strategy in weight loss plan.

When should you drink water in one day?

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  • After you wake up, before you brush your teeth.
  • 15 minutes before you have a meal and after you finish the meal.
  • Every couple hours in day time.
  • 1 hour before you go to bed.
  • For people who do exercise, 30 minutes before you work out and every 20 minutes while you are working out.

The writer hopes the above story about water could be your advantage. Should you have any inquiry or have any interest in other story and would like to know more, you could send the writer question or requirement.

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