Sperm Analysis

Greeting to all readers! Here we meet again in this new year of 2017. In this article, I would like to talk about something more considerate to the couples who are experiencing More »

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  1. Private consulting about your health report although the result was checked from the other laboratory. And Getting the result is more comfortable and accurate.
  2. Update Health knowledge and new campaign from us.

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Healthlab Clinic Blood Test

This is package about blood test that we match for easy to select. But you can select one by one for yourself

Blood Test and Urinalysis

Many diseases cannot be diagnosed and identified immediately. There are some operation tests needed, for example, blood test and urinalysis. Then the doctor will use both results to diagnose and plan the medical treatment. They also will be used in annual health check.

Sperm Analysis

Greeting to all readers! Here we meet again in this new year of 2017. In this article, I would like to talk about something more considerate to the couples who are experiencing infertility. If you are one of those people who are worried or wondering why your couple still do not have children no matter how hard you try and do not know what else to do or where to start, this article should be able to help you more or less.

Allergy protection and treatment

In our last article, we talked about cause of allergy and type of allergy which divided according to its cause. In this article, we will close the topic of allergy by talking about how to protect yourself from allergies and treatment guidelines. Allergy protection and treatment can also be divided according to the cause of such allergy.


The weather often changes these days. It even rains during the winter time now so please take care of your health. In this article, we, Health Lab, would like to introduce you to one disease which can be caused by various factors in which one of those factors is the change of weather. Such disease is ‘Allergy’.


Greeting to all readers. If you are one of those who use cosmetics, whether more or fewer pieces, this is one article that you might (and should) be interested. Have you ever know the shelf life of those cosmetics you own?


Here we meet again, our beloved readers. Just like our last article about free radical, this article is again about beauty & esthetic. Today we will be talking about the substance that help eliminate free radical, which is Antioxidants. Many of you must have heard about Antioxidants from commercials and advertisements. But what is its function, where did it come from, and what is its benefit are the questions that we will give you the answer today.

Free radicals

Greeting to all readers. We will be talking about beauty & esthetic again today. Our topic in focus is something all of you must have heard about, the renowned ‘Free Radicals’.

Growth Hormone

The aging and declination of our body is something we cannot get away from.

Greeting to all readers. You may doubt of what today topic would be as refers to the introduction. The answer to that is we will be talking about growth hormone today. Some of you may know of its renowned benefit of antiaging. But today we will be focusing on the question of HOW it works.

Can we really get infected from using a public toilet?

Greeting to all readers! We sure hope that this article’s topic has caught your attention. It is certain that a lot of people use the service of a public toilet every day. This makes public toilet a perfect place for breeding and spreading germs. Unfortunately, most of the time, it is unavoidable to use a public toilet. So the question is can we really get infected from using a public toilet. If so, what can we do to protect ourselves from getting infected? 


Have you ever count how many times you laugh per day?